Garden Stories Spring 2021

ALF’s Garden Stories project 2021 worked with 3rd graders at Childrens Workshop School to plant a traditional Native American 3 Sisters Garden. They went on to explore Lenape bandolier designs by creating their own individual stoles based on exploring Campos Community Garden plantings for inspiration. Instructors Montana Leonard, Gladys Feliciano and Carolyn Ratcliffe introduced the children to the concepts that this area was inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans before the European settlers arrived. We explored planting practices as to how corn squash and beans planted together compliment one another. The art project explored how the Lenape designs for their clothing decoration was inspired by nature and replicated plants and animals that were part of their everyday life. Each child created their own bandolier stole which they took home with them. We also engaged the children to write and draw their experiences in the garden in notebooks provided by ALF for the project.