“Plentiful Country: The Great Potato Famine and the Making of Irish New York” Book Talk:  by Tyler Anbinder

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 6:30pm  Church of St. Mary, 440 Grand St(between Clinton Street and Pitt Street)Entry to event space is ramp at the righthand corner (east side) of the church.Sponsored by: Lower East Side Preservation InitiativeArt Loisaida FoundationCuala FoundationNew York Irish CenterChurch of St. MaryFREE IN PERSON eventRegistration is required; register HERE.

3rd Annual Alphabet City Short Film Festival

Saturday, September 8th, 2018 @ 6BC Botanical Garden I Ain’t Lazy, I’m Just Dreamin’ 2015, 7 minutesA concept music video that harkens back (…or forward?) to a time of hobo prophets, mulligan stew, orange ladies, bowery boys, bawdy vaudeville acts, and the fuzz. A burlesque club musician en route to work imagines magical dreams . . .Continue reading “3rd Annual Alphabet City Short Film Festival”


Because so many artists are under the threat of losing their homes as well as studio and venue space, Art Loisaida Foundation takes an active interest in supporting preservation initiatives and works with organizations, such as the Lower East Side Preservation Initiative, to try to preserve the architectural heritage of our neighborhood. This was partlyContinue reading “Preservation”

Spiral Wave

SPIRAL WAVE is an interdisciplinary project that features sculptures, musical theater, and dance. This is a work in progress that is based on a proposed full-length production that is to take place at the Theater for the New City for a three-week run, tentatively scheduled from May 2013 to June 2013. Tonight we are usingContinue reading “Spiral Wave”