Art Exhibit: Ryan Lee

February 13 – April 17, 2023

Ryan John Lee is a photographer/filmmaker based in New York City. He is a longtime resident of the East Village.

Street photography is a lifestyle, with my camera as a silent, omnipresent partner. I approach street photography in two ways: hunting and waiting. I hunt for potential moments and respond accordingly to photograph their image. Additionally, I wait for ideal photographic scenarios (a beam of light, an interesting composition), and I linger until a subject approaches and interacts–sometimes for hours.

These ten photographs represent hunted or anticipated moments I’ve been fortunate enough to capture. They depict the subjects I’ve encountered in both everyday life and while traveling. Some are humorous or touching, while others are heartbreaking. I hope these images transform the ordinary into something more magical. I strive to highlight the calm within the chaos of the urban landscape.