East Village Gallery: “All Tomorrow’s Gardens” exhibit

Curated by George Hirose & Kerri Lindström

@ 621 East 11th St. NYC

All Tomorrow’s Gardens
A Celebration of NYC Community Gardens

Presented by EV Gallery 621 East 11th St. NYC
August 4-13, 2023  
Curated by George Hirose & Kerri Lindström 

Opening Reception: August 4, 6-9pm
Special Performances:
6:45pm Adam Ende / Jawbone Puppet Theater “The Turnip
7pm Rude Mechanical Orchestra 

With Sidewalk Tape Art Installation by Kuki Gomez

Featuring work by Vera Alexandrov, Nora Balaban, Lois Bender,  Melinda Billings, Elisa Blynn, Leilah Cohen, Carla Cubit, Lane Diko, Eileen Doster, Joan Dworkin, Carmen Einfinger, Adam Ende,
Kyle Ericksen, Kuki Gomez, Ken Hiratsuka, Ryoko Hirose, George Hirose, @mx.enigma, Aresh Javadi, MJ King, Michael Koster, Elizabeth Kresch, Sally Lelong, DD Maucher, Joan Elizabeth Meyer, Esther Mizrahi,
Bill Morrison, Laurie Olinder, Rochelle Pashkin, Gilda Pervin, JenniferPodIsDead, Rolando Politi, Daniel Polnau, Carolyn Ratcliffe, Reynolds, Daniel Root, Bonnie Rosenstock, Lee Ruelle, Nick Savides,   Annie Shaver-Crandell, Marie Suchan, Gretchen Van Dyk,
Margie and Jenny Wardlaw – CashmerePunk, Lili White, Sally Young, Felicia Young, Donna Zimmerman

Thursdays 5-8
Fridays 5-8 (Opening Friday until 9)
Saturdays 1-6
Sundays 1-6 (Closing Sunday until 7)

This exhibition honors the past, present and future of one of NYC’s vital resources, our community gardens. The modern age of urban community gardening began in the 1970’s and 80’s. These gardens grew out of burnt out and abandoned lots after years of neglect, quite often due to the purposeful destruction of properties by unethical landlords. In marginalized areas of the city, people banded together to reclaim unused land for the betterment of their communities. They created beautiful and safe spaces for children to play and learn about nature, and for neighbors to plant, grow a garden, and gather together. Every year there are hundreds of events, educational workshops, and food distribution initiatives in the many gardens that dot our urban landscape.

Community gardens by nature are activist spaces and the fight continues to protect and preserve these spaces that are constantly under threat by urban development. This show is an artisticexploration and expression to celebrate what is possible through solidarity, commitment and love. 

“ALL TOMORROW’S GARDENS” is co-sponsored by LUNGS (Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens) and Art Loisaida Foundation inquiries: george.hirose@gmail.com or 917-833-8123
Inquiries:  george.hirose@gmail.com.