Bees, Bees and More Bees

Thse working bees are all girls? That’s fantastic. Dan Rothchild came by and introduced us to bees. Did you know that all of the bees are girls? The queen bee lays all the eggs and the workers bee do all of the work. The drones freeload and the only thing they do is inseminate theContinue reading “Bees, Bees and More Bees”

Workshop curricula have included:

Science and Exploration: Garden basics – Why Bees Matter? Creative Problem Solving: Working in pairs to build incredible insects Healthy Food: Working collaboratively in teams to create healthy, tasty treats using garden vegetables Exhibiting art work in the garden for parents and community to view Origins of food: Making fresh pasta/pizza Science and Exploration: SpringContinue reading “Workshop curricula have included:”


Since 2017 we have designed and implemented a comprehensive program for third graders at the Children’s Workshop School.  Our participating partners for our interactive program include the Campos Community Garden near the school and a local community restaurant, Gnocco. Our programs add the “A” (arts) to STEM programs by encouraging children to tap into theirContinue reading “Workshops”


Because so many artists are under the threat of losing their homes as well as studio and venue space, Art Loisaida Foundation takes an active interest in supporting preservation initiatives and works with organizations, such as the Lower East Side Preservation Initiative, to try to preserve the architectural heritage of our neighborhood. This was partlyContinue reading “Preservation”

Tompkins Sq. Library Art Gallery Project

Art Loisaida Foundation brought together a group of concerned professionals who developed a proposal to improve the art gallery space at the Tompkins Square Library. Hugues Fournier, a landscape architect, designed plantings for the entrance ways, a sculpture court and a green roof addition, while local architect Catalina Salazar did drawings for the gallery itself.Continue reading “Tompkins Sq. Library Art Gallery Project”