Many thanks to Citizen’s Committee for New York City for funding our Food Safety Program in partnership with Campos Community Garden. This allows the gardeners to produce more organic vegetables for 33 households and share a bi-weekly donation of fresh produce to Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran’s Shelter and Food for the Homeless soup kitchen.


OCTOBER 1st. Jim Flynn on harp. OCTOBER 2nd Anna Pasztor jewelry workshop. OCTOBER 5th. FALLing for Art & Poetry – Carolyn Ratcliffe and Lissa Moira co-creative directors presented works by six artists, performers, poets: Aziza, Izzy Church, Jonathon Fox Powers, Paige Cutrona, Bina Sharif, Kevin Martin.

Art Loisaida Upcoming Arts Events

Open Arts LES (Oct 1-10) an opportunity to explore world-renowned institutions, vibrant community hubs, and unique small arts organizations that together make up one of the most creative neighborhoods in New York City! LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival, 10th Anniversary (September 24 – October 3rd) Art Loisaida Events are part of LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival.Continue reading “Art Loisaida Upcoming Arts Events”

Garden Stories Spring 2021

ALF’s Garden Stories project 2021 worked with 3rd graders at Childrens Workshop School to plant a traditional Native American 3 Sisters Garden. They went on to explore Lenape bandolier designs by creating their own individual stoles based on exploring Campos Community Garden plantings for inspiration. Instructors Montana Leonard, Gladys Feliciano and Carolyn Ratcliffe introduced the children toContinue reading “Garden Stories Spring 2021”